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About S.C.A.R.L.E.T.T.
  • The S.C.A.R.L.E.T.T. program was an initiative create during WWII by the U.S. Army and has since transformed into an autonomous faction of the NSA.
    Originally created to be a counter-intelligence program it has since evolved to include a myriad of other capacities, hence the acronym: Special Covert Assassination Reconnaissance Logistics & Espionage Trained Tactician.

    Terrance Sykes

Writer & Illustrator

    Not long after purchasing his first comic book at the age of 11, Terence knew that he wanted to create his own. This decision was spurred on by the friendly competition with schoolmate D.M. Eason, who had also begun to create his own homemade comic books. The pair would eventually join forces and create Sinister Studios. Currently, Terence is working on his comic book mini-series S.C.A.R.L.E.T.T. – Heavy is the Head. Terence is a devoted husband and loving father of three teenagers. He draws inspiration from them which lends to the creative process of bringing his comic book characters to life. Terence is committed to bringing to life fun and imaginative stories, complimented by stunning visual artwork.  
    D.M. Eason

Writer &

  D.M.Eason is an author and artist who specializes in illustration, sculpting, painting and animating. Once D.M. partnered up with Terence Sykes, they began to work together in their own comic studio, Sinister Studios. The two would collaborate on ideas and story lines and would compete artistically, which in turn improved their skills. After attending St. Augustine's College, D.M. became certified as an animator through The School of Communication Arts. D.M. has also written a number of screenplays, wrote and illustrated his own children's book, and worked on an independent film. He is a loving husband as well as a proud father. his goal is to continue to entertain people with his creative talents.  

Inker, Colorist, &
Special FX Guru

  Not much is known of the enigmatic Regal, the self-styled comic book “finisher” (as he likes to call himself). It has been rumored that he was not born here on Earth, but rather his spacecraft crash-landed in the small town of Littleton some years ago. The rumor goes on to state that Regal began a life in comics after deciding that the world of comics needed him. He claims that he could no longer “shun his responsibilities” and began inking and coloring for Sinister Studios, a small independent comic book studio founded by Terence Sykes and D.M. Eason.      

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